//3 Website Video Production Tips to Connect with Your Audience

3 Website Video Production Tips to Connect with Your Audience

3 Website Video Production Tips to Connect with Your Audience

The internet has become increasingly media-centric in recent years. Since YouTube was founded in early 2005, the amount of video uploaded on to the internet has grown exponentially year Video Production | Shift Mediaover year. Today, internet video has replaced the need for cable TV for many millennials, and the trend continues to grow.

Making high quality website video production available to your audience not only puts forward a level of professionalism that can put your brand ahead of the competition. There are many ways that high quality video production can be used to promote your brand and create a connection with your audience.

Cover Questions Your Customers Commonly Ask

What kind of questions do your customers regularly ask when they are considering buying your product? What kind of misconceptions are very common among new customers? These are the topics that you should be covering in your videos. By providing free information that answers their questions and establishes you as an authority in your industry, you establish an instant connection that makes them more likely to place trust in your brand.

Put Sales on the Back-burner

There are videos that have a completely sales oriented goal. A commercial for your product will of course be sales oriented. But, a large amount of the content that you create should be focused on educating and building trust with your audience. Provide value and the sales will follow. Try putting sales on the back-burner and focusing on establishing a connection with your audience first.

Put a Face to Your Brand

Don’t be afraid to hop in front of the camera, or have another representative from your company do so. When your audience can establish a personal connection with your company they will be more likely to have faith in your brand and develop a personal connection. This is the reason why video testimonials are often much more effective than simple text-based testimonials.

If you would like to start producing high quality videos for your audience, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today. We can help you develop a connection with your audience.

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