//The Multiple Benefits of Website Video

The Multiple Benefits of Website Video

The Multiple Benefits of Website Video

So, you’ve created a website for your small business. You’ve made sure that it loads quickly, that it’s easy to navigate, and that it’s secure. What else is there to drive people to your website? One ofWebsite Video | Shift Media the best ways to get users engaged with your website is to employ the use of website video. There are multiple benefits of having custom video on your website. For example, website videos can:


Deliver Content Quickly and Clearly

The most expedient way to get your point across with maximum comprehension is to have informational videos on your site for users to watch. Unless your website visitors are blessed with amazing reading comprehension skills, it is a safe bet that they take in information they see and hear faster than most information they read. This isn’t to say that videos should always take precedence over the written word, as it certainly has its benefits, as well; it’s just that we now live in a world where people want things quick and clear, and video provides that most impressively.


Drive Traffic to Your Website

It was once that web videos didn’t help with internet searches, but now search engines allow video to be included in integrated search results. With the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization), video can add value to page relevance and quality. Having videos also gives you noticeability on YouTube, one of the most popular social media and search engine sites in the world.


Boost Levels of User Engagement

Your business has a message, and getting people to pay attention to that message is often challenging. As mentioned prior, current web users have a very specific preference for how they get their information (usually through visuals and audio), and anything that doesn’t appease this preference is quickly set aside for something that does. In fact, a recent study by Animoto showed that 77% of consumers consider companies that create online video to be more engaged with their customers. In short, this engagement creates credibility and trust, which are two extremely important qualities to have in a relationship with clients and customers.


If you have any further questions about the benefits of website videos or want to hear about our four step marketing approach, please contact us.

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