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The Importance of Your Brand & Identity

While your website designsocial media, and SEO efforts all contribute to a winning online marketing strategy, the foundation of this success is a well-developed brand & Identity. SHIFT MEDIA is dedicated to creating highly customized branding that communicates who you are. We want your brand to represent the best parts of your business, showing your personality, values, and mission. While this includes your logo and color palette, these are only part of the larger picture that is your brand & Identity.

The image and messaging communicated by your brand helps to differentiate your team from other practices/companies. This requires telling a story through both visuals and writing that is consistent in all areas of your public image. After all, a brand’s identity resonates throughout all aspects of business — online and offline. By creating a fitting image to represent your company, you can ensure a cohesive message that builds trust in your brand.

Need Help Refining Your Brand & Identity?

In addition to website design and digital marketing, SHIFT MEDIA is a branding agency with a proven track record of making clients stand out from the crowd. We can help define your brand & identity’s mission through one-of-a-kind logo creation and the design of other collateral. If you’re interested in developing or refining your brand/Identity, or would like an experienced team to help your brands vision evolve, contact us to get started!

Logo Design & Brand Guide

The Process of

Building Your Brand

Clients come to our team at all stages of the  Brand & Identity creation process. Whether you already have well-established branding materials, or you’re in the beginning stages of developing your brand from the ground up, SHIFT MEDIA is known for creating effective brand strategies that capture the essence of each client’s unique  Brand & Identity.


The first step is to define your  Brand & Identity concept. How do you want to be perceived? If you already like your  Brand & Identity but want to expand upon it, we can move to a later stage in the process. For clients still figuring out what they want their public image to look like, logo creation is the cornerstone of your  Brand & Identity.


Your logo is a symbol representing your entire brand and, as a result, plays a very important role in achieving your business goals. After establishing your logo concept, we can build your  Brand & Identity and other visuals from scratch.


Building a trustworthy  Brand & Identity requires consistent messaging. We work with clients to generate their full  Brand & Identity  guide, which acts as the blueprint for your company website, online ads, social media pages, print materials, and more. It includes the fonts, colors, and consistent messaging atmosphere surrounding your identity.


Once your foundational brand materials have been established, we can work with you to amplify your brand image, both online and offline. We’ll implement your message through various avenues, identifying and targeting your ideal audience. From SEO and content marketing to PPC and print materials, we can help you achieve success through A cohesive message branding.

It only takes .05 seconds for visitors to decide how they feel about your website. Make a positive first impression by wow-ing users with attractive branding that represents Shift media.

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