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We Rank Videos

Video SEO Generates More Business

Studies have shown that Videos convert shoppers to buyers more effectively compared to text-based sales pieces. Which do you prefer? Spending 30 minutes reading a text-filled websites in hopes of what they offer suite your needs or spend 30 seconds and have a clear and concise understanding of the benefits and value of the product or service provided?



Stands Out in the Crowd

Google only shows a limited number of videos in its search results, which makes any ranking video significantly more prominent over their text-based counterparts. In a world where consumers are inundated with sales pitches from the moment they wake up till the moment they fall asleep you need to STAND out.

Top of Mind Awareness

Video SEO is much more impactful than traditional SEO. Every consumer is unique, in order for them to not only see your promotional piece they must also recall it at their time of purchase, some are visual learners, some are audio learners, regardless of how each unique individual retains information leverage the SIGHT, SOUND, MOTION, & EMOTIONAL influences of Video.

Video SEO is the Future

As we have seen in traditional media, television has been the main stream media in delivering results for businesses, now it’s time to harness the exponential impact of combining the power and influence of video with the reach & targetability of the internet. Let consumers who are actively looking for your product and/or services find your videos online.

Video SEO is vital in your Viral Video Strategy

Strategically implemented Video SEO can be the missing catalyst in your viral video campaign. If people can’t find your video, how can they share it?

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