Dental marketing is no easy task which is why we opt to not compete on price. We’ve chosen to compete by providing the very best service and results in the Dental community….. which is why we consider ourselves “Boutique”. If you’re looking for a Dental marketing agency to handle your practice’s needs, don’t look solely at price, but rather the benefits, solutions, and quality of service they offer. Invest your marketing dollars into a company that will increase your business, and provide you with the very best tools to serve you & your dental practice.

Consulting & Search Engine Optimization

While every business needs its own unique, online-marketing strategy, implementation may come in stages. As such, LeadMaker DDS provides the SHIFT Flex Hours, an À la carte offering of various consulting services and products. “Flex Hours” Packages begins at $1,000 per month, however we can create and maintain an effective Internet strategy that fits your budget and schedule. After speaking with one of our consultants, we will be able to evaluate the needs of your practice, in design, marketing and beyond, and send you a formal written plan/proposal.

Web Development

The cost of a website depends entirely on the scope. When shopping around you may be surprised to find that prices for web development/design can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Beyond the level of customization being offered, you should also consider the technology behind the site which will heavily impact the performance of your search engine ranking/marketing campaign. Our job is to listen to your goals, and then help you define essential components to ensure we capture the essence of your practice’s aesthetic goals.

LeadMaker DDS starting price for a “custom” responsive website design begin at $3,500. If you’re starting with a budget that falls below this range, and an effective online strategy is important to your practice, it will be worthwhile to contact us. We offer many solutions and payment options that will provide you with the highest level of service & support for your dental practice.

Social Media Marketing

In this day and age, a strong social media presence is essential to every Internet marketing strategy. We’re not talking about a few casual posts on Facebook here and there; we’re talking about a proactive plan that entices patients to take action and helps you build long-term relationships with individuals seeking your dental services.

LeadMaker DDS offers customizable social media marketing packages that can help increase your dental office exposure while promoting your brand across all social media outlets. Based on the size of your market, we will recommend an appropriate package for your practice’s unique goals and budget, and we will get SHIFT done.

If you are looking for a digital agency to handle your marketing needs, don’t look solely at price, but rather the benefits, solutions, and quality of products each company offers.

Common Pricing Questions

I am happy with my search engine ranking. Can I purchase only a website?
A successful website relies on a comprehensive network of tools and a proven, all-encompassing strategy. While different facets of your practice’s website operate separately, such as SEO, Social Media and PPC, they also depend on the performance of others. For this reason, we strongly believe in the importance of maintaining your entire online presence, further fueled by commitment to market exclusivity.

How do I know which SHIFT Flex Hours package is right for me?
It is important to take time to think about your marketing goals and develop expectations of your online marketing strategy. A member of our consulting team will be happy to speak with you about our findings and make suggestions based on these goals.

How long until my website is up and running?
We work with each client on an individual basis to create a customized website, so timelines will vary depending on the features within your website. In order to make the production process for your practice run smoothly and quickly, there are several things that will be asked of you along the way. Your feedback and participation is essential.

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